A new direction

Welcome to PelUS!

PelUS as a project has existed for quite a few years, and over that time, many posts have been made to update the public about the project. However, PelUS is undergoing another shift in direction, and it’s time to “clean house,” so to speak.

This will be the first post under that new idea of cleanliness. PelUS is designed solely as a holding company for other brands (which hopefully become independent companies of their own at some point!), with the most prominent being RePixelated. RePixelated, in turn, has two divisions of its own, RePixelated (Web Services) and RePixelated Technologies. RePixelated Web Services will generally operate as simply “RePixelated,” as the Web Services portion is the primary focus of that brand.

This structure, which was already loosely in place, will be tightened up. Ideally, the PelUS page you see now is a simple one, and will show only high-level information, such as Privacy Policy updates. All the policies will also shift to RePixelated, covering both the Web Services and Technologies divisions. This allows PelUS the flexibility to open other divisions independent of the RePixelated brand in other ventures.

We look forward to improving the services we offer through RePixelated, while also bringing new experiences to new customers in the future.

Thank you for continuing with us on our journey.

-PelUS & RePixelated